Thoughts, Views, Observation, Updates

Thoughts, Views, Observation, Updates

Spring Cleaning

by Francis Horvath on 04/05/13

If you have not been to my website in the past I hope that you like the latest changes. I did a major overhaul to make things easier for you to make a decision on who to retain for your celebration. I have taken Homestead websites as far as possible next stop will be a Wordpress site. I have many dates still available and even if you have reserved someone and things go awry, please consider us for your function.


Some thoughts about DJ's and budgets

by Francis Horvath on 03/23/13

There are DJ's for every budget. Just like everything else you have to do your homework to make sure you have the right experienced person overseeing your reception. Everyone has a collection of music and a couple of loud speakers is not suited to be a wedding DJ just like a person who has a lot of pots and pans and the desire to cook can't provide catering service for your reception. Though I have seen it happen at a wedding or two and it was not pretty.

The bottom line is some people Ipod their reception or ask a "friend" to DJ out of financial necessity and others do it out of ignorance. Please consider a better choice before you go this route. (What do you think ?)

New Updates, Website upgrades, new features

by Francis Horvath on 02/23/13

Hello on this fantastic Saturday in February. I have been busy the past couple of days attempting to get my website upgraded with the Gigbuilder program from We.Dj. This enables you to contact me with your information about your function, requests and a lot of other features. To say the least it is a learning process, so hang in there with me and this will be a great feature to use as we plan your special celebration. I added also added some new video from my most recent wedding reception in Jackson for a great couple whose husband is in the Marine Corps.

Client Tools/Login Page

by Francis Horvath on 02/21/13

Hello I hope that things are going well with everyone as they are in the process of planning for the upcoming Weddings/Receptions and other celebrations this year.I have added a new page today that I believe will make our services more accesible and of course make your life easier in your planning for your special celebration. Please note that I am not completely familiar with Gigbuilder but I think with some trial and error and your feedback we will find it beneficial. Please let me know immediately if the features and non-functional so that I can remedy it.


click to call

by Francis Horvath on 02/05/13

If you want to contact us please let me know if the click to call me now is working properly. If not please call me at 881-1162. Changes to the website today more to come. I did not receive any phone calls at all today so I apoligize if you tried to contact me on Wed. The click to call feature was not working proplerly. I think I have repaired it and please contact me again.

thanks Francis Nightwatch Productions

Updates to the website

by Francis Horvath on 02/04/13

Hello I have been working to get a more polished and user friendly website up and running so that I will be able to communicate with you and what we have to offer and of course for you to tell me how I can be of assistance to you in your planning and possibly have you reserve me for your special function or Wedding this year. I posted a video over the weekend (1st one)! and will have some more video coming once the editing is complete. More pictures with Up-lighting examples from my Dec. 28, 2012 wedding a very classy wedding.

More changes to follow including a client area for song requests, forms and planners

thanks and I hope to hear from you to reserve your date !