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1.)  Why should we hire your DJ Service?
What makes us different from other DJ companies is that we pay close attention to your needs and desires for the event in a personal manner. I treat your event like it was my own. We know that we are responsible for the success of hundreds of receptions and other functions every year.

We have 29 years of experience with unique wedding receptions and other functions, and every weekend we face another challenge, “How do we make your event or wedding reception special” and be a reflection of the style and tastes of the couple or individual/company that we are  priviliged to provide our services to. Our style is based on your expectations.

We also work with the other vendors at your event so that we all do an excellent job for you. Our DJs manage the announcements and music so that it is presented at the right time and volume.

2.)  Do you use professional equipment?
We invest thousands into top of the line gear on a regular basis. You won’t hear us talking about wattage /amps which is meaningless if it does not fit the situation. We match the equipment needed to every unique situation and hall.

3.)  What will be your attire for my reception or function?
Our entertainers always wear formal attire unless you request otherwise.
However, attire can be more casual if your event is informal or you request it in advance.

4.)  Will you take requests for my wedding or function?
Definitely! You have complete control over music for your big day. We will guarantee to have any song you want before your wedding or function. We only require that it is commercially available in the U.S. or downloadable.  We also take guest requests for your event. This is one of the most important things an entertainer can do. This establishes rapport with your audience so that the guests can feel comfortable with making requests and making the function special and personal.

5.) Can you help with coordinating our wedding/function?
Yes, we would love to answer any questions you might have. Our goal is to remove the stress of planning a reception or function. We understand this is probably your first time that you are planning a wedding or function.
We have many recommendations and tips to help make wedding/function planning a breeze. Our online planners assist you with your grand entrance, itinerary/time line, formal dances, and song request list. It is laid out in a easy to understand format. We can take things out or put things in.
Expect a phone call or meeting from us 2 weeks to 10 days before your big day to go over all these details with you. If you have any questions in the mean time, help is only a phone call/e-mail away.

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The Key for a successful event is simply
The more input you give us the better and unique the reception or function will be.