From: Spiral Dali []
Sent: Tuesday, September 29, 2009 6:42 PM
Subject: RE: Wedding Reception


Hi Francis!

We had an absolute blast! It was jokingly deemed the "Happiest Goth Wedding Ever," by some of our friends.  We try our best to be dark and creepy, but we're also from jolly stock, so it doesn't quite come out that way, ha!

You guys were great!  I'm so sorry about the park fiasco, and having to drive around a while to find the location.  They really could label it better, but we could also have put out a sign, too :)  Sorry about that!  And THANK YOU so much for driving all that way!

I'm recommending you for anyone I know who has an event that needs a DJ!  It was a great time, you guys are wonderful!

Big hugs to you and Hermasina!
Take care!
Josie :)